PO Box 3102, Pawtucket   RI 02861
195 Walcott Street, Basement, Pawtucket  RI  02860

CALL US AT (401) 258-4616

  • Serves 125 people daily throughout Rhode Island
  • The cost to feed one person each day is under $2.pp
  • Breakfast five days a week
  • Hot dinner five nights a week
  • Brunch on Saturdays
  • Celebratory meals on all holidays
  • Caring staff and volunteers
  • Clean and healthy environment 
  • Lunch is provided Monday - Friday on Roosevelt Avenue in downtown Pawtucket and 7 days per week at Collyer Park in Pawtucket and to the homeless.
  • SNAP Outreach provided twice per month.
  • Prepares a hot soup once a month in collaboration with the Bread Line Program, which is served to the hungry and homeless at Cathedral Square and Emanuel House in Providence.  Due to the COVID pandemic, this program has been temporarily suspended, but we are hoping it will resume in the summer of 2021.
Pawtucket Soup Kitchen Services
2020 at the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen

In 2020, over 64,530 meals were served at the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen. This includes weekday breakfasts, Saturday breakfast, weekday dinner and dinners delivered to the homeless, and Lunch which is served daily in downtown Pawtucket, Collyer Park and to the homeless.