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195 Walcott Street, Basement, Pawtucket  RI  02860

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About The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen
The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization serving the homeless and low-income population. The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen is housed in the basement of St. Joseph's Church, with entrance in the rear of the Church, near the parking lot. The Soup Kitchen serves breakfast and supper five days a week, as well as brunch on Saturday. 

We offer a well-balanced meal to all who need it. Everyone in need of a meal is welcome at the PSK.  The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen is a registered 501c3 organization.

 Concerned about growing poverty in Pawtucket,
 Mr. Ernie Marot, a retired chef at Providence College and a
 Pawtucket resident, founded the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen 
(PSK) in 1992. Mr. Marot served as head cook and director 
of PSK until January 2010, when he retired at age 81. Because
 Mr. Marot had volunteered all his time at the Soup Kitchen, 
there were no funds to hire an executive Director, and it proved 
impossible to find another person to volunteer. For a while, it
seemed that the Soup Kitchen would have to close its doors. 

 But community concern and widespread support motivated the
 board of directors to save PSK. An anonymous patron made a 
donation to cover an executive director's salary. After a thorough
 search, the board hired Adrienne Marchetti, an experienced cook who had served as Assistant Director at Amos House and as Executive Director at The RI Donation Exchange. In 2010, Ms. Marchetti became the first full-time employee in PSK's history.